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General System Programming
MACH Script Editor Easter Egg


How do I get the video on MACH Script Editor to play?


To play the Easter Egg in MACH Script Editor:

Hold down the SHIFT + CTRL + ALT keys and then Left mouse click on the NEC Car. The video will play as shown below:





Message Waiting Notification on Analogue or DTERM



How do I enable message waiting notification on an analogue or Dterm Phone?





The following command needs to be set on the extension. CM 1303 > extension number (e.g. 2000) : 0 (this allows message waiting notification to be set).

To test the message waiting on an extension do the following, from a phone dial #*8 and then an extension number e.g. 2000, you should see the message waiting light come on that phone, in this case extension 2000.

To turn it off dial #*9 and the extension number again.

Number Temporarily Out Of Order Message


When calling the main number I receive a message saying “This number is temporarily out of order”.



This is normally a problem with the network provider, make sure they provide an ETSI standard circuit. There are however a few things to check to be sure.

Have a look at the PRT card (Primary Rate card) and see whether the D-channel light is on, this is the top most green light below the dip switches. If this is off then it’s definitely a network problem.

You can also put a loop back cable on the switch to prove that the PRT card is working ok. This can be done by taking a normal CAT5 patch lead and plugging one end into where the white lead of the PRI connector is plugged in and the other end into where the grey lead is connected, you should now see the D-channel on the PRT card lit up. This proves the PRT card is functioning correctly.



Prevent CO Trunk Disconnecting with Tannoy System


How do I stop a CO Trunk line release when connecting to a Tannoy System?



To stop the CO Trunk from doing a release set the following:


CM 3505 > CO Trunk Route number : 0

Setup PIN Authentication for IP DTERM logon


By default, as a security measure the IPS2000 authenticates whether an IP phone is allowed to log on by ‘tagging’ the MAC address of the device (softphone nic or IP phone) and then this remains attached unless the phone is logged out using the dterm logout feature.

This causes problems because if a phone that is logged in is simply ubplugged, switched off, or the user tries to login on another phone, it will not allow another mac address to be assigned to that extension.

There is another way though.

You can tell the PBX to use PIN numbers to authenticate the user as the ‘owner’ of that IP extension and this will then allow you to use the protected login feature, which allows you to login anywhere, whether you logged off the original phone or not and it will ‘follow me’.


You have to allow protected login on SRC15 or put the phone into a class that allows it.






/put phone into SRC13 class 1 and 2







/put phone into SRC13 class 3





/put 1234 as the PIN number





/turn on pin authentication over MAC for all phones.



All phones must have a PIN to authenticate the logon.



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