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NEC Univerge SV9100


NEC SV9100 Chassis with IPLA128, VOIP, SIP, TDM, Analogue and Primary Rate ISDN30

Work together - even though you’re apart.

Competing in today’s business environment requires agility — when meeting challenges, making decisions, and delivering products and services. With more than 115 years of excellence in both Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), NEC shares its vision through its award-winning communications technologies.


Redefining Communications

A growing business innovates by leveraging the best and most current information technologies, tools, and products. NEC has created a full set of unified communications and collaboration applications that operate in conjunction with our telephony products, acting together as part of a fully converged easy-to-use IT solution.


Innovating for the Future

NEC’s experience and innovation enable new approaches to how IT services are managed and delivered. Cloud delivery, business agility, real-time collaboration, and reliance on assured services are becoming essential foundational requirements for the success of the smart and secure SMB or large enterprise. These pillars are part of a rapidly evolving technology foundation by means of which NEC is creating new ways for businesses to grow.


Make Smart IT Investments

Interruption of communications services means downtime for your business, customers, and loss of revenue.

No one wants a communications system that’s difficult to use and even harder to maintain and protect. That’s why NEC’s SV9100 platform is one of the easiest to configure Unified Communications systems on the market.


Invest in Your Business’s Future

Intelligent decision making starts with qualified information. The SV9100 comes with a simplified user-licensing structure and futureproof technology that meets the demands of your multi-generational employees. The SV9100 easily integrates with your existing NEC technology and is also capable of supporting future technologies.


Secure Your Communications Easily

NEC has a rich history providing communications technology solutions. We are recognized as having the highest level of customer satisfaction among Unified Communications vendors and industry experts have acknowledged our platforms as having some of the lowest total costs of ownership on the market.

As such, we know that SMBs have distributed work environments. To keep your communications safe and affordable, the SV9100 provides IP failover and advanced security features. It also converges your voice and data networks, so you can reduce your hardware and transmission costs.



Improving the Way You Work - Office Worker

The conference feature allows employees to effortlessly set up a virtual meeting for colleagues on short notice, wherever they are, enabling faster business decision making, as well as reducing travel time and expenses.


Improving the Way You Work - Contact Centre

The UNIVERGE SV9100 Contact Center provides a detailed view of call activity of all agents — statistics can be used to reduce abandoned calls and follow up on missed calls. Callers are kept informed with periodic announcements.


Make Collaborating easier with UC

Connection and collaboration are key to keeping communications running swiftly in any organization.


Unify Your Communications, Messaging and Collaboration

NEC’s UC Suite for SMBs delivers the tools that will increase performance throughout your organization. The UC Suite gives you and your employees access to the latest productivity-enhancing communications applications, such as user presence, instant messaging (IM), white boarding, application sharing, a multimedia softphone, and your UC client.

The UC Suite delivers on the promise of unifying your business’s communications by integrating seamlessly with Microsoft® Outlook® and CRM applications. Our innovative UC Suite ties your organizational communications into your core business processes while also helping to increase employee productivity, shorten response times, encourage collaboration, and improve customer satisfaction.

With the SV9100 and its UC capabilities, your employees retain ownership of their communications. They set their schedule, and their phone rings accordingly. They launch a meeting or customer service session, and manage it directly from their UC Client. The SV9100 gives your employees exactly what they want—unencumbered communications  tools that they control.


UC Applications Include:

• Innovative application that increase efficiency and productivity

• Simplified call management through easy-to-use graphical user interfaces

• User Presence for real-time status and availability of colleagues

• Instant messaging for quick, real-time conversations

• Easy capture/upload of profile pictures to be associated with Busy Lamp Field (BLF) and company directory

• Color customization of main window and instant message window

• Internet browser access to features through UC Web Client

• Microsoft® Outlook® calendar integration

• Simplified call handling for operators and attendants

• Seamless integration with UNIVERGE SV9100 Contact Center application for contact enter functionality

• Quick access and easy management of messages through the integration with InMail and UNIVERGE UM8000

• Runs on either an SV9100 internal server blade or external server – full functionality either way


Unify Your Messages Easily

Connection and collaboration are key to keeping communications running swiftly in any organization.


Unify Your Communications, Messaging and Collaboration.

Communication between you and your customers should never be difficult. Your customers expect to be able to get in touch with you easily. They don’t want long wait times, and they will demand smart contact capabilities. To be responsive to these needs, your employees must have tools at their disposal that help eliminate long call holds, incorrect call routing, and lost messages.

NEC SV9100 and UCB

Maximize Customer Satisfaction

The SV9100’s Messaging solutions are the answer for small and medium businesses wishing to maximize customer satisfaction. As customers call your business, an instruction menu announcement will play, providing them with a choice of dialing options. From there, they can simply direct themselves to the party whom they are calling without an operator ever placing them on hold.


Automate Your Communications

The SV9100’s Messaging solutions automate your communications by providing your business with one voicemail system complete with integrated voice messaging capabilities and automated attendant features. These solutions increase user productivity by providing them with enhanced call control and an easy-to-use management interface.

With the additional productivity features that the Messaging solutions provide, your users will be able to save, delete or keep as new any voice message that has been forwarded to your email system, letting you empower your team to simplify message management and streamline business communications on their own—right from their desktop.


Provide Smart Mobility Options

Organizations need mobile applications that offer enhanced communications tools for on-the-go employees.

Today’s mobile workers depend on communication tools that accommodate flexible workspaces and allow free roaming wherever they are: in the office, or outside of it. The SV9100 gives your staff smart, reliable mobile applications that enhance their ability to provide quality services to your customers.


Stay Connected in Any Location

NEC’s SMB mobility solutions have been designed to give your employees freedom and flexibility through the use of one phone extension and voice mailbox to ensure they never miss another important call.

The SV9100’s SMB mobility solutions allow users to set up their phones to ring the device of their choice. The phone is also set up according to pre-set rules that consider your current status/availability and who is trying to reach you.

Regardless of where you are or who is calling, your office extension will always be your caller ID. And, with the addition of NEC’s Fixed Mobile Convergence solution, you can provide your employees with enhanced inbuilding and off-site coverage on mobile devices through your corporate Wi-Fi network. It doesn’t matter which mobile solution you choose, your employees will always remain in touch — on any and all Apple® or Android® smart devices — tablet or mobile phone — company provided or personal device — that they are using.


Mobile Features for SMBs Include:

• One-number access

• Single voice mailbox

• Flexible call control

• Management of Mobile Extension calls in progress

• Access to UC functionality:

- Presence

- Search for contacts by name and view their presence status  or simply click to place a call on any mobile device

• Access to key desktop telephone features


Voicemail Features:

• Conversation Recording

• Answering Machine Emulation

• Fax Detection

• Find-Me/Follow-Me

• Cascading Message Notification

• Email Notification Save/Delete/ Keep as New Support

• Centralized Voicemail

• Interactive Softkeys

• Message Count Display

• Programmable Voice Prompts

• Download Selected Messages to a PC as .WAV Files

• Message Forwarding

• Remote or Local Message Notification (on or offsite) and more…


Automated Attendant Features:

• Answer Schedule Tables

• Park and Page

• Capture Caller ID

• Single Digit Transfer

• Multiple greetings based on time of day/night, day of week, holiday and incoming outside line.


Messaging Solutions:

• InMail

- Up to 15 hours of storage or 120 hours of storage

depending on SD installed.


- Up to 550 hours of storage

- Fax Capabilities

- Text to Speech


Run a Smart Contact Center

Today’s customer expects to be able to communicate with your business on their own time, in whatever way they choose.

The SV9100 Contact Center and Attendant solutions provide you with all the tools necessary to make each interaction between your business and your customers quick and easy. Between improved response times, reduced abandon rates, lowered operating costs, and increased revenues, both you and your customers will see a rapid return on your investment.


For Agents:

• Distributes call volume evenly among agents

• Efficiently routes callers based on pre-established criteria to the agent that best fits their needs

• Agents can login and out as needed depending on call volume

• Callers have option of leaving a message for agent callback, holding for an agent, or dial another extension/ACD group or voicemail box

• Ability to view status of other agents and queues

• PC-based Supervisor with Reports improves scheduling efficiency plus compiling, analyzing and managing information


For Attendants/Operators:

• Easily handle calls directly from PC

• Screen-pop notifications display caller information

• Ability to view status of an extension

• Conversations can be recorded, saved, and forwarded as email attachment


Simplify Your Purchase Decisions

Confusion and agitation are a thing of the past with the simplified User License structure.

NEC has streamlined and simplified its User License Structure. Our licensing structure gives both technology and financial decision makers the opportunity to anticipate user cost and the application access each user will receive based on the License Package purchased.

The Standard License Package is designed for the regular UC user — the average employee who works in Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, etc. Each Standard user gets UC features, voicemail, and unified messaging, so he or she will be fully enabled to work anywhere, anytime, and from any device as needed.

The Premium User License Package is designed for contact center agents or UC power users that also function as, attendants and operators. Each Premium user gets access to all the Standard UC features, as well as contact center, attendant, and CRM integration features — that will ultimately give them a more robust UC experience that easily ties into their daily business processes/business process technologies.


Tailor Your Communications by Industry

Communications technologies should cater to your needs, not the other way around. NEC has a rich history providing communications solutions tailored for Hospitality, healthcare, Education, Retail, Government, Finance, Manufacturing and Transportation based organizations. If you’re looking for a communications solution that meets your industry’s individual needs, we’re the people to talk to.


In Your Hotel

A hospitality environment presents the ultimate challenge for customer service  employees, and the SV9100 caters to these needs perfectly. With the demand for a mobile, connected workforce growing in the Hospitality Industry; efficient communications are critical to maintaining high-quality guest services.

With the SV9100, properties get access to robust hospitality centric offerings. Your staff will be able to be productive regardless of location within the property or off the property—resulting in increased responsiveness to guest needs. The SV9100 integrates seamlessly with many of the common PMS systems already deployed in hotels.


On Your Campus

Campuses are unique when it comes to communications. With the dispersed buildings, faculty and staff, and the increasingly mobile student population, the need for emergency communications, e-learning and robust communications technology that works in  conjunction with multiple other technologies is becoming evident. The SV9100 is powerful and versatile enough to support all of a campus’s communications requirements.

From unified communications that help increase efficiency and productivity, to contact center solutions for student services’ inbound calls, the SV9100 is the communications solution that your campus has been searching for.


At Your Doctor’s Office

Communication technology stability is critical to patient health and safety in a doctor’s office. The SV9100 is a smart, secure investment for environments where privacy and responsiveness are of the utmost importance. Our Unified Communications enabled server is secure and safe, meaning that the physicians, nurses, and administrators in your facility can easily stay in contact with each other throughout the day, while patient information remains secure within the hospital’s local communications network.

Also, missed appointments will become a thing of the past with the SV9100’s Appointment Reminder application. It enables you to send customized reminders and information to customers – reducing missed appointments and cancellations.


Supply Freedom of Choice

A premium desktop phone for every member of your organization.


Running your business on an outdated system or forcing employees to use old devices that are ill equipped to handle their multi-faceted communications needs is bad for business. That’s why the UNIVERGE SV9100 platform supports the latest range of NEC desktop and mobile endpoints, including the DT800/DT400 series terminals, voice over WLAN and IP and Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephone (DECT) mobile handsets.


Call from your Desk Phone

For those interested in keeping handsets stationary:

NEC’s innovative desktop endpoint design is intended to deliver maximum deployment flexibility, while a wide range of choices allow for multiple combinations that fit any and all business niches or personalization requirements.

NEC SV9100 Desktop Telephone Terminals


Call from your Personalized Mobile Phone

For those interested in providing a mobile handset:

NEC’s WLAN and DECT telephones give your employees secure, crystalclear communications as they roam about your company’s premises or anywhere else there is coverage, while providing all of the features and functionality of a desktop phone with standard mobile enhancements such as text messaging, push-to-talk, programmable keys, and integration with third party applications.

NEC IPDECT VoIP Telephones


Reinvent the Desktop Telephone

Communication continues to evolve each day, and to keep up, so must your desktop telephone.

The increasing technological innovations of smartphones and tablets has led to the creation of a new breed of desktop phone. The UT880 integrates the traditional desktop telephone and a tablet into one device that provides you with an innovative, feature-packed desktop phone that revolutionizes your user experience.


The UT880 Takes it to the Next Level by offering:

NEC UT880 VoIP UK Telephone

• A full seven-inch color display with four-finger multi-touch capabilities

• A Multi-Line client that emulates any NEC telephone

• Full SV9100 platform voice functionality and hands-free speakerphone

• Multiple login support

• Integrated Bluetooth capability

• Built-in camera for pictures and video applications

• Open interface for application development

• USB port


The UT880 also provides you with access to your NEC UC client. UC client functionality, from corporate directory, presence, and instant messaging to unified messaging and call control, is available at your fingertips


Simplify Your Customer Interactions

Customer service is the key to any business, and ensuring your customers speak with the right person is crucial. This is easy with the SV9100’s Contact Center applications. Boost customer service and agent productivity by routing calls based upon the number called, waiting times, and the time of day. Priority callers can jump the queue by dialing special queue numbers.

Your customers are given the option of either leaving a message for agent call-back or holding for the next available agent. Callers are always kept in the loop with periodic announcements.

Detailed reporting can be used for agent scheduling, business analysis and improving the efficiency of your contact center. These reports can be scheduled or printed on demand in both textual and graphical formats. Agents and supervisors are always informed with alerts sent directly to their desk phone. The SV9100’s real-time display provides a virtual wallboard directly to agent’s screens. Contact center applications can provide supervisors with both queue threshold and agent information on their PCs. Supervisors and authorized agents can also utilize an Agent desktop application to message important information to specific groups.