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Support Articles
  • General System Programming   ( 38 Articles )

    The NEC 2000 IPS, DM and SV8300 is a vast and complex telecommunications system. In this section, we try to bring you a variety of support articles written by people who administer the 2000 IPS on a regular basis. We all know how difficult the manuals are to interpret, so we will do our best to walk you through them where necessary.

  • Handset Related Programming   ( 2 Articles )

    The NEC 2000 IPS supports digital, analogue and IP telephony (endpoints or terminals), and this section aims to bring together a variety of articles related to the endpoints possible within the 2000 IPS.

  • Zeacom CTI   ( 3 Articles )

    The Zeacom Communications Centre is a Windows-based application server which connects to the NEC 2000 IPS (amongst other systems) via TCP/IP and brings a wide variety of feature-rich applications to the NEC IPS. This section covers a wide variety of support articles regarding this system - particularly when attached to the NEC 2000 IPS.