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SV8100 and IPS 2000 Support

Why Use ProAction Networks for your SV8100 or IPS Support?

Whilst providing a structured framework of support, ProAction Networks gears its service towards the key requirements which each unique customer may need. We feel it is important to highlight our differences in standard support and service with companies you may have used in the past.


• No call centre and no queues – just complete transparent access via phone, email, smartphone and online to people who are smart and experienced in your NEC, Zeacom, Network, Computers and Telephones. Service and support is accompanied with a comprehensive ticketing system, knowledgebase, forum and system healthcare schedule.


• 24 hour service as standard, 365 days a year – included for the same price as other support companies which only open for 8 hours a day – and not at weekends. Most critical system and server issues happen first thing in the morning or at night – so we are here when you most need us. We also understand some changes and fixes can only be applied out of ordinary business hours.


• Only Highly skilled and high-level NEC and Zeacom professionals are supporting you in the roles of both account management and technical professional. Each member of the team have been supporting and installing both systems for close to a decade each. It is often the case you will also be dealing with a CCNA-trained individual with cross-platform knowledge and experience of Microsoft and Linux systems.


• Fast Time To Action. Many support companies provide statistics on ‘response time’ – which merely relates to the update that the ticket has been received (not being resolved). Our average Time To Action is 48 minutes, regardless of the issue and specifically relates to the time period when an expert begins working to resolve the issue submitted.


• Direct Relationships with Manufacturers - ProAction Networks have a direct relationship with NEC-Philips in The Netherlands for hardware support and supply and Zeacom directly in the UK for licensing and support. In addition ProAction Networks have a guaranteed level of stock for all vital components. ProAction Networks are also Cisco Select/Certified Partners and Microsoft Registered Partners.


• Guaranteed Stock – We keep a wide range of new and used NEC hardware in stock so in most occasions we can provide replacement hardware immediately. We guarantee to have 95% of your system hardware in stock at any one time. This enables us to provide you with fast dispatch of equipment and is in case you have a major and irrecoverable system outage that requires a large percentage of your equipment to be replaced or loaned. The average lead time on new equipment from NEC-Philips is 10 working days.





Above and beyond the usual expectations of a support company, ProAction Networks offer a personal account manager at director level, who will be consistently available for many years to come, on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

ProAction Networks work with NEC and 5i in the UK (5i is a UK leader in providing advanced Unified Communications expertise), but also provide Tier 3 support backup from Zeacom, manufacturers of NEC call centre solutions. ProAction Networks operate with NEC Europe on a time‐and‐materials relationship, utilising NECi when necessary for bug fixes, new licenses and upgrades.


Day to Day Support


ProAction Networks provide a feature‐rich service centre, which utilises a range of gateways to the best support available today with your NEC and Zeacom systems. Advertised office hours for the telephone support centre are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. However an account manager will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In the unlikely event whereby your account manager is on holiday or sick, your call will be directed to their most senior colleague, who will also be NEC and Zeacom trained.


Telephone Support


ProAction Networks provides both a 24 hour call centre for customer support. If the call is not answered by an account management representative within 30 seconds, then the caller is asked to leave a message. In the unlikely event that you are not answered immediately, the average wait time for a response to this message is less than 48 minutes.

In addition to the formal call centre, the IT manager at each site has 24 hour access to their ProAction Networks account manager, available on cellular phone at any time day or night, 365 days a year.


Web Support


ProAction Networks have invested in a 24 hour Web-based service centre, which is home to a knowledge base, live support chat, incident logging and tracking and software downloads. This site is the hub of all transactions between the customer and ProAction Networks, and provides the customer with a wealth of knowledge, power and human resources whenever they need it. All incident updates are automatically emailed to the person who submitted the incident, and each incident is automatically alerted to all support staff.

Additionally any incident which has no action, regardless of priority is automatically escalated after 48 hours to an account manager for immediate action.

ProAction Networks utilise LogMeIn and TeamViewer which enables instant desktop support from any internet-enabled computer, including desktop sharing, and recording of each session.

We always ask if it is possible for us to install a safe and secure remote access agent on any supported server so we can help you resolve any problem as quickly as possible. If this is not possible we will adapt and work to your personal requirements.



Service Level Agreement


The basic function of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is to assign an expiration (or due by) timer to an incoming ticket. Incoming does not only mean freshly opened tickets, but also tickets which already exist with statuses like “on hold”, or “waiting on customer”. This means expirations vary, depending on which part of the workflow a ticket resides.

ProAction Networks SLA timers are constantly filtering and re-assigning alerts for tickets – based on Department, by its Status and finally, by its Priority. Each SLA plan is a combination of the above, and has an overdue timer, whereby alerts are triggered, the status is escalated and alerts are made to senior personnel.


The ProAction Networks SLA Framework


Status Priority Overdue Timer
Open Ticket Low Priority 48 Hours
Open Ticket Medium Priority 24 Hours
Open Ticket High Priority 4 Hours
Open Ticket Critical / Emergency 1 Hour
On Hold All 24 Hours
With Support All Except Critical 24 Hours
With Support Critical 4 Hours
With Manufacturer All Except Critical 48 Hours
With Manufacturer Critical 12 Hours
Pending Customer Feedback All Except Critical 24 Hours
Pending Customer Feedback Critical 4 Hours