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NEC Univerge SV8300

Univerge SV8300 Communications Platform - At A Glance


NEC SV8300 Support and Maintenance in England and UK


The dynamics of business today demands efficient, seamless communications to enable rapid decision making and customer responsiveness. To succeed at this accelerated level, businesses must have the right communication tools. NEC provides those businesses with the communications and networking solutions that enable them to succeed.

NEC is uniquely positioned to help companies unify business communications and create a competitive advantage. Our UNIVERGE®360 framework ensures that employees — and their roles — determine the best means to get information to those who need it, when they need it. A key component of this is unified communications.


NEC Univerge SV8300 Server


Why choose NEC?

A leading global enterprise telephony solution provider, known for driving innovation

  • Empowering our customers through over 100 years of experience in IT and networking
  • Spanning the full spectrum of ICT products and solutions
  • Investing over 2,7 billion Euro in research and development every year
  • The only global company in the world’s top 5 in both computers and communications
  • A reliable, stable partner with the mission to realise an information society friendly to humans and the earth
  • Stimulates and adheres to open standards, ensuring optimal fl exibility
  • An evolutionary approach towards new technologies, protecting existing investments to the maximum
  • A user-centric approach, placing people at the centre when developing new applications and designing customised solutions
  • Products and solutions that are environmentally friendly and low in energy consumption
  • A front runner in mobile technology and solutions
  • Extensive experience and expertise in providing UC solutions, including advanced Microsoft® application integration.


True Unified Communications

Powerful applications that improve business processes NEC understands that today’s businesses are looking for new ways to manage change more effi ciently and retain customers through high quality service. The suite of powerful applications supported by SV8300 Series includes:

  • Business ConneCT
  • Operator consoles
  • Contact Center
  • Management applications
  • Expense Management
  • IP multimedia softphone
  • Voicemail and Unifi ed Messaging
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence
  • Hospitality Management


Business ConneCT

Today people want a choice of modes of communication, media and devices to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Business ConneCT supports this wealth of communication methods, mobile and fi xed devices andconverged networks and applications to truly answer the need for Unifi ed Communications. NEC developed Business ConneCT as its all-in-one Unifi ed Communications solution which allows employees to switch between various roles in the company: Contact Center Agent, Operator and Desktop User (Employee).


Operator communications

A PC-based operator console enables your receptionist to provide service that is vastly superior to using an ordinary console. For example, he or she can see and answer priority callers first, see who is on hold, and create multiple queues to differentiate callers. What’s more, for optimum efficiency, he or she can see the extension status before callers are transferred.


Contact Center

A Contact Center tool that supports up to 500 agents. With features such as CTI, preview and power dialling, and automated email responses, agents will always be able to expertly handle customer enquiries, whether they are via the web, email, telephone, voicemail or fax.


Management applications - MA4000

A suite of user-friendly tools for easy communications system management, including configuration, cost reporting and budget control, and security. And because it is modular, we can assemble and design a package that fi ts your needs precisely.


Expense Management

Expense control solutions enhance your organization’s effi ciency and cost validation by providing the right tools to effectively manage IT operations and services. Modular architecture lets you expand system functionality, giving you the flexibility to meet special project requirements and market trends.


IP Multimedia Softphone

In today’s work environment, employees require communication tools that allow them to easily share real-time information and ideas as well as provide them with the fl exibility to work from different locations. The NEC Softphone provides employees with a versatile, converged communications tool that offers an impressive array of features and functionality. The Softphone is a versatile, multimedia IP phone that resides within a personal computer (PC) and delivers high quality voice via a USBconnected headset/handset. Designed to meet the needs of any employee, it can be used as a primary desktop telephone, a supplemental desktop telephone or a remote/telecommuting device.

With NEC’s Softphone, employees will have the advantages of a converged voice and data network whether they’re in the offi ce or on the road. Softphones combine traditional business communications needs with the data applications employees require.


Powerful Voicemail and Unified Messaging solution

A powerful IP voicemail and Unifi ed Messaging solution that allows staff to receive emails on any phone using text-tospeech. Users can also record calls for later reference, and the intuitive visual interface helps staff prioritize messages and work more productively. And of course, the applications integrate with Microsoft® Outlook, Lotus® Notes and/or Novell GroupWise.


Fixed Mobile Convergence

Why manage multiple communications devices, phone numbers and voice mailboxes for each user? With NEC’s Mobility Access solution, employees can be reached anytime, anywhere with a single phone number. Mobility Access means that traffic from and to the mobile device passes through the UNIVERGE® SV8300 Communications Server, integrating mobile devices as if they are normal system extensions. In parallel routing all calls via the company’s communications server, reduces telephone cost. The Mobility Access solution can help organizations improvecustomer satisfaction and make business more effi cient, responsive, collaborative and productive.


Hospitality Management

The Hospitality Management solution for the UNIVERGE® SV8300 Communications Server allows specific applications to integrate with business processes based on specialized roles within an organization. These role-enabled communications are a core component of NEC’s UNIVERGE®360 approach. It provides advanced services to ensure your guests have a memorable stay. They can access the latest messaging services, and your business benefi ts from extensive features including flexible numbering, room status and toll-restriction check-in mode. Hospitality Management even works with your Property Management System (PMS) through Property Management System Integration (PMSI) to support many key front and back-office functions.


At A Glance:

Empower your employees to do more, faster, easier

  • Enhance customer responsiveness
  • Encourage teamwork
  • Support your increasingly mobile workforce
  • Powerful and versatile
  • Powerful networking for economy and efficiency


NEC SV8300 with Expansion Cabinet UK


The SV8300 provides IP communications, such as data, multimedia and voice, over one network. There is no need to run two sets of wires for voice and data; one wire does it all.

Branch or remote locations can be seamlessly linked to share resources and features through peer-to-peer connectivity; the SV8300 easily links to other NEC Communications servers such as the SV8500. A geographically distributed unifi ed system with a single image can be produced by using NEC’s UNIVERGE® MA4000 Management System to ensure application integration, feature transparency and survivability in the event of network failures. For medium-sized businesses that want the communication capabilities of a large enterprise, NEC’s SV8300 Communication Server provides the scalability and flexibility to meet all of your communication needs.


Scalability For The Growing Business

The SV8300 functions alone or in a network and can expand to meet all of your business communication needs, including mission-critical data applications.


Support for VoIP and Traditional Voice

You can deploy a pure IP solution or any combination of IP and traditional circuit-switched technology on a single SV8300. It provides the ability to customize the best communications solution for your business.


Simplified Management and Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Traditionally, voice solutions have been diffi cult and cryptic to administer. No more. SV8300 includes a centralized voice management solution that lets you manage all of your organisation’s voice services simultaneously via any connected webbrowser. It has a friendly, intuitive, easy-to-use interface. An administrator can begin using it with virtually no training.


Investment Protection

Protect your technology investment while providing a migration path to pure IP. The SV8300 has the flexibility to support your existing traditional circuit-switched technology and can be fully utilized to run in a pure IP environment. Investment protection is also provided by the SV8300’s open SIP (Session Initiating Protocol), a foundation for future services ad integrations.


Increased Productivity

The SV8300 delivers a full suite of advanced applications and a high-powered feature set that helps businesses run smoothly. Workers can manage their calls more easily, and the mobility that the SV8300 provides to staff, helps customers access your employees even while they are away from their desks. No other solution provides medium-sized businesses with more versatility than the SV8300. Designed to be both versatile and scalable, the SV8300 meets a growing business’s needs. Its resources and features can be transparently shared between branches or remote locations by networking SV8300s, which provides a lower Total Cost of Ownership.


A World Class Communication Server


SV8300 Cabling Diagram


  • NEC knows the best UC solution isn’t complete without the finest communication server and management solution. That is why UNIVERGE® SV8300 includes a robust, feature-rich IP communication server as well as a centralized voice management solution that relieves the management burden for IT departments.
  • The UNIVERGE® SV8300 solution is completely scalable and can be expanded to meet a medium-sized business’s communications needs now and in the future. Benefits of the SV8300 include:
  • Support for both VoIP and traditional voice - Deployment of a pure IP solution or any combination of IP and traditional circuit-switched technology is supported on a single SV8300 system.
  • Application integration - Application options that deliver you better customer service and improved teamwork and user productivity.
  • Scalability - As your business grows, so do its communication needs. The SV8300 seamlessly scales to a 2048 ports single image system, distributed over multiple sites.
  • High reliability – The architecture of the SV8300 is ideal for missioncritical situations and ensures highest availability and business continuity. Besides its fl ash technology for system reliability with a very high MTBF, IP fail-over for stations and trunking and clustered survivability, CPU redundancy provides high availability and operational continuity.
  • Rack-stackable architecture - The SV8300’s stackable chassis supports server functions, media gateways and media converters in a single unit.
  • Powerful networking for economy and effi ciency
  • Scalability for the growing business
  • Support for VoIP and traditional voice
  • Simplified management and reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Increased productivity



Unique business terminals and handsets with an interchangeable design. Our UNIVERGE® DT range of terminals and handsets are like no other. Their modular construction means you can chop and change the design for exact business requirements. They can then be upgraded at a later stage without having to replace them – a great investment protection. Feature-wise, time saving features such as company directories, call history and speed dial are instantly accessible. Not only does this improve productivity, it increases customer service levels too. Top end features on the IP phones include colour touch screens and an ‘XML open interface’ which provides integration with Microsoft® Outlook databases and more.


Digital and IP terminals


NEC SV8300 PBX and Zeacom Handsets for Support


NEC SV8300 Digital handsets


NEC SV8300 IP Handsets


NEC SV8300 IP DECT Handsets


NEC SV8300 DECT Handsets and Messenger


True Business Mobility

The SV8300 offers a range of mobility solutions, including IP DECT, Voice over WLAN and the support of applications on the mobility handsets. This offers organizations the choice to use the technology that suit the specific requirements best. Business Mobility offers a flexible way of working and mobility, making sure that employees are more reachable and responsive.


IP DECT - Add IP DECT to your network

The SV8300 with IP DECT provides a single converged network with both fi xed and wireless telephony. Your mobile voice network can easily integrate with applications as they are part of the same network infrastructure. Remote locations become an integral part of your centralized mobile voice communication infrastructure.


IP DECT handsets

Business Mobility IP DECT provides a range of DECT handsets. The integration of IP DECT with Business ConneCT offers central directory with presence on the phone. The DECT handsets can also provide text messaging information to alert staff about incidents such as fire, nurse calls or industrial process. Here are 10 good reasons for IP DECT:

  • Established DECT technology — reliable and secure
  • Scaleable from 1 to 48 Access Points, and even beyond
  • Attractively priced
  • Makes employees more reachable, helping to increase customer service levels
  • Drastically reduces mobile phone costs
  • Is integrated with features from the SV8300
  • Wide range of handsets for all user types and environments
  • Unified communications - shared corporate directory access, plus excellent presence feature
  • Powerful text messaging and alarms, enable quicker responses
  • Future-proof investment - uses ‘open standards’ such as the open messaging interface,
  • SIP technology and standard GAP compatibility
  • Assured mobility WLAN

Combine Wireless Data and Voice

The SV8300 also offers Voice over WLAN, with a dedicated WLAN handset MH240 and NEC WLAN Access Points to guarantee high quality voice and integration. By adding Business Mobility WLAN, employees enjoy wireless mobility and wireless data access everywhere it is required.


Deploy Effortlessly with NEC Access Points and MH240 Handset

The MH240 handset is designed to offer users high voice quality combined with the SV8300 system features such as multi-line support. It also provides integrated speakerphone and directory. It works with NEC’s WL1500/1700 series Access Points to offer a simple means of deployment and easy WLAN network scalability for your growing business.


Presence and Collaboration

With organisations becoming increasingly fragmented, departments more fl exibile and employees more mobile, collaboration is a means of enabling them to work together, in real time, and interact effi ciently and effectively with each other, with clients and suppliers. Presence is about being able to share one’s availability status so everyone is aware of it and can act accordingly.

Our all-in-one Unified Communications suite Business ConneCT helps unify an entire organization, enabling individuals, departments and locations to work more effi ciently by ensuring seamless internal and external communications. Users can connect from wherever they are via phones, PCs, mobile devices and the web - effortlessly.

Business ConneCT offers all the advanced communications functionality you need, including call control and group information, voicemail, directory services, operator and call routing. Simple and cost-effective to deploy, Business ConneCT’s three user modes – Operator, Contact Center Agent and Employee – use the same server, a single database and with a common user interface, and are managed from a central point.


NEC SV8300 Closeup


Business ConneCT

  • Business ConneCT offers Unifi ed Communications for a really affordable price.
  • Business ConneCT is very easy to use and hardly requires any end-user training. One intuitive user interface shows the relevant items on the screen, depending on your role.
  • Business ConneCT offers tight integration with DECT and mobile phones. The central company directory is also accessible from DECT, Mobile and Desktop Phones. Text messages can be sent to DECT and mobile phone users from anywhere in Business ConneCT.
  • Business ConneCT enables you to improve your business. Business ConneCT Contact Center creates a consistent customer experience with a single point of contact for voice calls and emails.
  • Business ConneCT is easy to install and maintain. The installation process is guided via wizards and a system health screen confi rms that all critical components are functioning correctly.


10 good reasons for Business ConneCT

  • One solution for Operators, Contact Center Agents and Employees
  • Improves effi ciency, fl exibility and productivity of your employees
  • Single point of contact for your customers, 24/7
  • Simplified call handling - users manage all their communications from their desktop. Reduces waiting times and lost calls
  • Facilitates mobile and home workers. Treats the mobile and the desk phone as a single device, using one number
  • Multilingual announcements and user interface
  • Monitor and improve your business process. Presence reporting allows managers to monitor activity of their team, helping to enhance employee performance
  • Secure instant and mobile messaging, rich presence management and directories
  • Integrates with Lotus® Notes, Microsoft® Outlook,Microsoft® Office
  • Minimal required user training


Centralised Management

The ability to centrally manage its communication system is of strategic importance to any company, enabling an organisation to keep a fi rm grip on communication costs, reachability and the serviceability of its system.

Secure, easy-to-use and robust, our suite of management solutions are designed to increase overall productivity while delivering fl exibility and simplicity. Integrating with your current administration, IT-friendly user interfaces take the mystery out of voice system configuration and administration.

Expense control solutions enhance your organization’s effi ciency and cost validation by providing the right tools to effectively manage IT operations and services. Modular architecture lets you expand system functionality, giving you the fl exibility to meet  special project requirements and market trends.


Single centralised database

All relevant site and network data is centralised in a single database. Changes can easily be prepared off-line for any selected node. This is carried out by means of so-called projects. With the scheduler function, these projects can be programmed to be executed at any given time. The advantage of this is simple querying the network confi guration, without the need for time-consuming dialogues with the servers.


TDM Chassis for NEC SV8300

Keeping in Control

• Centralized administration that integrates seamlessly

• Powerful, intuitive tools for simplifi ed confi guration and performance management

• Reliable fault management

• Advanced security through extensive controls

• Directory synchronisation

• Reliable accounting and billing