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Q: We don't like our NEC 2000 IPS or Zeacom Server - what should we do with it?

A: Keep it! Like an old Rolls Royce, it would have cost a fortune and if nurtured will bring you the best in business telephony - even in 2010! If you don't like it, it's either because the handsets aren't setup properly, the phone system needs a little care and maybe you don't have a decent sounding board to manage it properly yourselves. ProAction Networks can help you with all of this.


Q: We have some users at a branch office - can we connect that location to our head office using VoIP?

A: Yes! The NEC 2000 IPS fully supports VoIP over WAN (internet or private network) and you can connect anywhere between 6 and 20 branch offices, each supporting lots of users - including digital, analogue and IP phones.


Q: Our Zeacom server sometimes freezes, shows callers who have hung up ages ago or simply needs rebooting a lot. Is it rubbish?

A: No! It will simply need a bit of care, attention and service packing! Any version of Zeacom Communication Centre - from 2 to 5 can be made very stable and secure with the right programmer and correct patching and service packs.


Q: We have problems with our VoIP audio on our NEC 2000 IPS - sometimes the sound breaks up or it's too quiet - what's wrong?

A: You probably haven't enabled any form of Quality-Of-Service on your network. A little reprogramming can ensure RTP (real time packets) are given the highest priority, so audio or video which can't wait doesn't wait!


Q: We want to use prettier handsets - like those from Cisco in our building but we don't want to loose our expensive Zeacom call centre - what can we do?

A: You can integrate Cisco Call Manager or Asterisk Soft phone systems along with a wide range of other telephone systems to the NEC 2000 IPS using a variety of methods, including SIP, ISDN-PRI and Q-SIG.


Q: We pay a lot for our annual maintenance. Are you guys going to be any cheaper?

A: Yes. We guarantee to reduce your annual maintenance for the NEC and Zeacom significantly. We're talking hundreds or thousands of pounds cheaper, depending on what you need from a maintenance contract.


Q: We are utterly sick of the sight of our NEC IPS. Can you help us upgrade?

A: Of Course. We would do our best to help you see reasons to keep the NEC IPS, but if you're sold on something else we can help you upgrade or just provide a sounding board of advice for your next choice of system.