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NEC Univerge SV9500


NEC SV9500 UK Support and Maintenance


Overview - Choose the UNIVERGE SV9500

NEC’s Smart Enterprise solutions leverage technologies to optimize business practices, drive workforce engagement, and create a competitive advantage.

Communications technology is rapidly changing. Competitive businesses come in all sizes, but successful enterprises always have one thing in common: great teamwork. In the age of increasingly disparate working locations and job complexity, communications play a crucial part in achieving business success.

Today’s smart enterprises must be powered by smart solutions. That’s why NEC provides you with the broadest range of industry specific communications solutions—so you can easily make quicker, more informed business decisions, drive loyalty, and keep ahead of your competitors. Today’s economic environment is a challenge for businesses of all sizes. To stay competitive, enterprises need to have the right tools to be more efficient, flexible, and productive. That’s why NEC has built smart enterprise solutions, so you can optimize business practices, drive workforce engagement, and create a competitive advantage.


At a Glance

  • Future-proof Unified Communications solution for the multi-gen workforce
  • Simplified user licensing
  • Excellent warranty
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Vertical market-specific solutions
  • Voice/UC/UM fully integrated
  • Comprehensive contact center suite
  • Broad range of mobility applications/devices
  • Wide range of end-points
  • System capacity up to 4,000 IP Stations
  • Expandable to 16,000 (UMGI) / 192,000 (FCCS/CCIS)
  • Virtualization support
  • Delivers on NEC’s green initiatives
  • Safeguards your investment


Achieve the Smart Enterprise


Work together-even though you’re apart.

Competing in today’s business environment requires agility—when meeting challenges, making decisions, and delivering products and services. With more than 115 years of excellence in both Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), NEC shares its vision through its award-winning communications technologies.


Redefining Enterprise Communications

The smart enterprise innovates by leveraging the best and most current information technologies, tools, and products. NEC has created a full set of unified communications and collaboration applications that operate in conjunction with our telephony products, acting together as part of a fully converged easy-to-use IT solution.


Innovating for the Future

NEC’s experience and innovation enable new approaches to how IT services are managed and delivered. Cloud delivery, business agility, real-time collaboration, and reliance on assured services are becoming essential foundational requirements for the success of the smart and secure enterprise. These pillars are part of a rapidly evolving technology foundation by means of which NEC is creating new ways for businesses to grow.


Make Smart IT Investments

Interruption of communications services means downtime for your business, your customers, and loss of revenue. No one wants a communications system that’s difficult to use and even harder to maintain and protect. That’s why NEC’s SV9500 platform is one of the easiest to configure Unified Communications systems on the market.


Maintain IT More Efficiently

The SV9500 easily integrates with existing IT technology as a fully interoperable digital or IP system. The user-friendly management interface streamlines system administration, giving your IT department one personalized portal to administer the entire communications system — Voice, Unified Communications, and Voicemail — all from one central location.


Invest in Your Organisation’s Future

Intelligent decision making starts with qualified information. The SV9500 offers an extended 5-year warranty and future-proof technology that meets the demands of your multi-generational employees. NEC has the highest level of customer satisfaction among Unified Communications vendors, and also brings you an incredibly smart investment. Our Unified Communications platforms have been recognized by industry experts as having some of the lowest total costs of ownership on the market.

NEC SV9500 with TDM Chassis

NEC SV9500 with Dual LAN, Dual Power, Dual CPU and Hybrid VoIP and TDM Functionality

Keeping in Control

  • Centralized, intuitive and open management system
  • Single point of entry, open interfaces and optimum fit into IT environments
  • Better and easy insight into fixed and mobile call costs
  • 3 Delivery Models: - Pre-Packaged Server Model - Software Model - Appliance Model


The UC Suite of Applications for Enterprise Includes:

  • Presence
  • Call Control
  • Instant Messaging
  • Group Chat
  • Mobility
  • Collaboration
  • Voice/Video Conferencing
  • Microsoft® Outlook® 2010/2013 presence integration
  • Organization/Skill search
  • Multiple ringing of devices
  • Move call among multiple devices


Make Collaborating easier with UC

Connection and collaboration are key to keeping communications running swiftly in any organization.

NEC SV9500 UK Support TDM and VoIP Desk Telephones

Unify Your Communications, Messaging and Collaboration

NEC’s SV9500 UC for Enterprise suite of applications gives you the communication tools you need to streamline communications and information delivery. With this powerful, manageable solution, your information is centralized and messages unified, so your employees can efficiently manage day-to-day business and communications easily.

SV9500 UC users are able to dictate and manage how, when, and where he/she wants to be reached via the desktop and mobile clients. And with the help and inclusion of single number reach, an integrated softphone, call forwarding, and voice/video conferencing and collaboration you can ensure that your customers are able to reach whomever they need to, when they need to. SV9500 UC provides you with the option of using the desktop client as a standalone application or integrated with your Microsoft® Office Outlook® client.

With SV9500 UC, your employees retain ownership of their communications. They set their schedule, and their phone rings accordingly. They launch a meeting or customer service session, and then manage it directly from their desktop. SV9500 UC gives your employees exactly what they want, unencumbered communications that they control.


Virtualize Your Environment

Accommodation of your enterprise communications platform should not stress your existing IT systems.


  • Managing Growth
  • Advanced security through extensive controls
  • Virtualization support
  • - VMWare ESXi 5.5 and 6.0.
  • - VMWare HA
  • - VMWare VMotion
  • - Hyper-V Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Fail Over Clustering - Live Migrations


Enterprises that rely on multiple operating systems, applications and platforms to keep their infrastructure running cannot afford a costly or stressful communications system deployment. That’s why NEC has given enterprises the option of utilizing the SV9500 platform as a fully virtualized communications solution.

In virtualizing your unified communications applications, your organization gets the same great benefits you’ve realized from premises servers in the past, while reaping several new abilities; like the capacity to deploy applications faster, increase performance and availability, and operation automation — resulting in IT that’s easier to implement and less costly to own and maintain.

The UNIVERGE SV9500 is now supported on VMware or Hyper-V as virtual appliance, meaning you skip the installation on a network server. Instead, you can now download VMware or Hyper-V-compatible OVA files to integrate NEC’s Unified Communications applications onto your own hardware and existing VMware or Hyper-V operating systems. Reliable, flexible, and cost-effective. Deployment is now that simple.


Provide Smart Mobility Options

Your employees depend on communication tools that accommodate flexible workspaces and allow free roaming whether they are in the office or outside of it.


NEC SV9500 Clients

Stay Connected in Any Location

NEC offers many mobility solutions designed to fit specific needs. Our Enterprise Mobility solutions have been designed to give your employees freedom and flexibility through the use of one phone extension and voice mailbox that travels with them and provides access to a wide range of UC capabilities. SV9500 UC Mobility allows users to set up their phones to ring on the device of their choice. The phone is also set up according to pre-set rules that consider your current status/availability and who it is that is trying to reach you. Regardless of where you are or who is calling, your office extension will always be your caller ID. And, with the addition of the SV9500 UC’s mobility application, you can provide your employees with enhanced coverage on their mobile devices (iOS and Android) anywhere there is Wi-Fi or 4G. Your employees will gain a consistent user experience and tool-set regardless of which smart device — Apple® or Android™, tablet or mobile phone, they are using at the time.


Mobile Features Include:

  • Single number reach and centralized, visual voicemail
  • Enhanced Mobile Presence features
  • Federation with other UC applications/platforms enabling real- time access to communications and presence data from external systems
  • Native Apple® iPhone® and Android™ applications including IM and optional video/collaboration integration
  • An easy-to-use interface for setting contact rules and changing status
  • Enterprise dialing, presence-enabled directory and call history via desktop, web-enabled cell, or iPhone/Android phones
  • Seamless, uninterrupted call transfer between mobile and desktop phones
  • Integrates seamlessly with mobility applications for dual-mode capabilities
  • Quick messaging for social networking with colleagues
  • Increased customer satisfaction


Employ Your Smartest Contact Centre

Communication between you and your customers should never be difficult.

Today’s customers expect to be able to communicate with your business on their own time in whatever way they choose.


Make it Easy to Connect and Enhance Customer Experience

SV9500 UC Contact Centre suite provides you with all the tools necessary to make each interaction between your customers and your business quick and easy. Between improved response times, reduced abandon rates, lower operating costs, and increased revenues, both you and your customers will see a return on your investment with the installation of the SV9500 and the SV9500 UC Contact Centre Suite.


The SV9500 UC Contact Center Suite Offers:

  • Skills-based routing centered on the caller’s area code, caller ID, account code and auto attendant selection
  • The ability to set caller expectations with estimated time-to- answer and spoken queue depth information
  • Callers the option to request an immediate or scheduled callback when the wait time is long
  • Custom announcements to callers in queue with useful information and offers
  • Callers the ability to reach the appropriate agent based on menus and selections The SV9500 is a unique solution that reduces the administrative and process-driven strains on your IT system


Customize Your Communications by Industry - Communications technologies should cater to your needs, not the other way around.

NEC has a rich history providing communications technology solutions tailored for Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Government, Finance, Manufacturing, and Transportation based organizations. If you’re looking for a communications solution that meets your industry’s individual needs, we’re the people to talk to.


In Your Hotel

A hospitality environment presents the ultimate challenge for customer service employees and the SV9500 caters to these needs perfectly. With the demand for a mobile, connected workforce growing in the hospitality industry, efficient communications are critical to maintaining high-quality guest services. SV9500 users get access to robust hospitality centric offerings such as the SV9500 UC Attendant’s HotSOS integration which optimizes hotel operations and improves efficiency. Your staff will be able to be productive regardless of location— resulting in increased responsiveness to guest needs.


At the Hospital

Every hospital administrator wants to streamline clinical workflows and enable better patient care. The SV9500 lets hospitals meet the challenges of healthcare information sharing head on. From managing the flow of the patients in the reception area, to ensuring that physicians, nurses, and staff can be reached from one phone extension wherever they may be in the hospital. The SV9500 is a unique solution that reduces the administrative and process-driven strains on your IT system, so your staff can get back to what they do best: caring for patients.


For the Government

City and state governments are simplifying the deployment, operations, and interoperability of their communications solutions. The SV9500 virtualized platform allows governments to streamline communications and ultimately provide more connected end-user experiences from any location across multiple devices. The SV9500 also improves enterprise telephony with advanced communications features all while running in your own secure, safe environment.


Supply Freedom of Choice

Personalization is important to the creation of a smart work environment with motivated personnel.

Running your business on an outdated system or forcing employees to use old devices that are ill equipped to handle their multi-faceted communications needs is bad for business. That’s why the SV9500 platform supports the latest range of NEC desktop and mobile endpoints, including the DT800/DT400 series terminals, voice over WLAN and IP and Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephone (DECT) mobile handsets.


Call from your Desk Phone - For those interested in keeping handsets stationary:

NEC’s innovative desktop endpoint design is intended to deliver maximum deployment flexibility, while a wide range of choices allow for multiple combinations that fit any and all business niches or personalization requirements.

NEC DT430 DT830 White and Black handsets

Call from your Personalized Mobile Phone - For those interested in providing a mobile handset:

NEC’s WLAN and DECT telephones give your employees secure, crystalclear communications as they roam about your company’s premises or anywhere else there is coverage, while providing all of the features and functionality of a desktop phone with standard mobile enhancements such as text messaging, push-to-talk, programmable keys, and integration with third party applications.

5 Reasons to choose UNIVERGE Desktop Telephones

  1. Wide-Range of Choices – choose from IP or digital, 2-line keys to 32+ or DESI-less, grayscale, colour or touch-screen display, custom keypads, plus more
  2. Customizable function keys – can be adapted to the exact individual requirements of your business
  3. User-friendly interface – little or no staff training required
  4. Wireless Adapter* – allows placement of telephones anywhere within range of wireless network
  5. Bluetooth Connection Adapter* – enables users to receive and place calls through either their smart device or desktop telephone *Adapters supported on certain models


Reinvent the Desktop Telephone

Communication continues to evolve each day, and to keep up, so must your desktop telephone.

The increasing technological innovations of smartphones and tablets has led to the creation of a new breed of desktop phone. The new UT880 integrates the traditional desktop telephone and a tablet into one device that provides you with an innovative, feature-packed desktop phone that revolutionises your calling experience.

The UT880 also provides you with access to your SV9500 UC desktop client. All UC functionality, from corporate directory, presence, and instant messaging to unified messaging and call control, is available at your fingertips.


Scalability with the SV9500 UMGi System

The UMGi is a large scale SV9500 enterprise system providing the ability to locate nodes supporting both IP and traditional TDM stations and trunks, across your entire geographical network. Although nodes may be in different physical locations, UMGi is one single system with single database and maintenance facilities. The UMGi is designed to be remarkably scalable in simple increments, by node, up to the total system capacity of 16,000 IP stations, within 24,576 total ports. (IP gateways are available for remote stations, and trunks through LAN connections.)


Multiple Nodes Are Available

Depending on your redundancy requirements, multiple nodes are available, including the Primary Node (Main System), the Geo Redundant Node (GR-Node) and the Survivable Remote Node (SR-Node).


Protection with Geo-Redundant Node (GR-Node)

Geographical Redundancy provides full survavibility of the SV9500 through use of “Standby CPUs” either located in the same facility as the “Primary CPU” or at different geographical locations.

Multiple Nodes (CPUs) can be configured in this Geo-Redundant deployment. This provides your operations with unsurpassed survivability options--from small scale sites to complete system redundancy.


Survivable Remote Node (SR-Node)

The SR-Node will ensure that your remote nodes are protected and survivable. Should a lost connection to the Centre Control Node occur, your remote nodes will operate independently