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Setting NEC 2000 IPS IP Address

Q: How do you assign an IP address to the M606 NIC?

A: From MATWorX select menu item System and then LAN Interface The following window will appear:



Click on the Lookup button Insert the relevant IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway (if a Default Gateway is required).


Click on the Update button to write the changes to the CPU. You will then be prompted to backup the customer data and restart the system. This is required and will stop call processing while the system restarts.


You can also set the IP Address information using the following commands: CM 0B00 > 00 : IP Address ( e.g. 192168001005 ) CM 0B00 > 01Subnet Mask ( e.g. 255255255000 ) CM 0B00 > 02 : Default Gateway ( e.g. 192169001001 )

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