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Running Zeacom PABX View on Client PC


How do you run PABXview from a client PC to clear phantom calls?



From the Client PC do the following:-

1. from the CTI Shared Folder  (for example: \\Qmaster\cti\application)

Copy the following files:

1. vcl50.bpl

2. vclx50.bpl

3. SchComp.bpl

4. borlndmm.dll

5. cc3250mt.dll

6. IPCmessaging.dll

and paste into a folder on the client PC that listed in the Windows path (for example %System Folder%\System32)

2. Edit the registry (Regedit.exe) and go to:


and if the entry does not exist, create a new String Value with a Value Name of Host and in the Value Data enter the IP Address of the smartconnect (Qmaster Server).

3. Create a shortcut to PABXview.exe

4. Run PABXview to test.