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Setting Up Remote Access on a 2000 IPS

How do I set up remote access on an IPS 2000 in order to dial in remotely?


First of all the following commands need to be set in the switch for remote access.


CM4010 > 1 : enter an extension number for the modem, in this case 599.


CM7600 > DDI number to be used for the modem, e.g. 3999 : DDI block number e.g. 399


CM7601 > DDI block number, in this case 399 : extension number of modem e.g. 599


Once you have set these commands Switch 2 2/4 needs to be set to the ON position


To connect to this system remotely using MATWorX please view "Configuring Remote Dial-in from MATWorX" (Answer 4469)

Configuring Remote Dial-in from MATWorX




How do I setup a remote dial in connection?


I need to remotely administrate a system, how do I do so?




To connect to a remote site, you use MATWorX as you would to connect via a serial cable (RS-232) or the LAN (TCP/IP).


Step 1:

Click on PBX menu item on the MATWorX toolbar, and then select Setting as shown in the (NEC4911a.bmp) attachment below.


Step 2:

Click on the New icon to create the remote dial-in connection


Step 3:

Click on the Connection Type drop down box and select Modem. Now type in the site's name in the PBX Alias Name box.


Step 4:

You will now need to select the COM Port that your Modem Uses (to check, go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Phone and Modem Options -> Modem tab).

Choose your Dial Type, Tone or Pulse.

And then remember to type in the DDI for the modem on the system that you wish to connect to under Phone Number. This is covered in "Setting Up Remote Access on the NEAX 2000 IPS" (Answer 4469).