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Are your DTERM IP Calls Too Quiet?

In circumstances where low, distorted or generally poor transmission levels with IP to TDM are encountered then the following commands are to be added to the basic Easy Install script.

Make sure a database backup (OFD) is taken before any changes are made to system programming.


CMD 3519>TRUNK ROUTE>0 (Changes PAD control to programmable PAD0)

CMD 42>50>00 (Changes PAD Data to Europe)

CMD 42>47>26 (Changes dB level to +2dB)

CMD 42>48>21 (Changes dB level to -4dB)

CMD 42>68>07 (Side Tone Level) All IP devices must be programmed to specific Location Groups and assigned a PAD dB level in

CMD 6702 (As shown in the example below).




  • Location Group 01 = IP-PAD (CMD 0A09>LAN interface No> 01)
  • Location Group 02 = IP DTERM (CMD 1239>Station number >02)
  • Location Group 03 = IP DECT (CMD 1239>Station number >03)



CMD 6702>0201>0002 (TTRR – TT=Default RR= +4dB)

CMD 6702>0202>0002 (TTRR – TT=Default RR= +4dB)

CMD 6702>0203>0002 (TTRR – TT=Default RR= +4dB)

CMD 6702>0302>NONE (TTRR – TT=Default RR= Default)

CMD 6702>0102>NONE (TTRR – TT=Default RR= Default)


NOTE: These changes require system initialisation Make sure a backup to ROM is taken before a system reset done.