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LEN / Port Programming on the 2000 IPS

Note: This guide assumes you know how to input commands into MOC.

MOC mode is a command line interface to the phone system. It is made up of a few simple keyboard commands:

  • / = Start
  • Space = Enter
  • . = Execute
  • Enter = scroll forward
  • F3 = scroll back

Command 14 allows you to listup anything that resides on possible programmed LENs (or wirable ports on the phone system). The programming is defined as follows: Command > 14 First Data: XXYYY XX is the module number. Main Site PIMS 0 & 1 = Module 00, PIMS 2 & 3 = Module 01, PIMS 4 & 5 = Module 02 and PIMS 6 & 7 = Module 03 Remote Sites are generally known as Module 33 for Remote Site 01 and Module 44 for Remote Site 02. Second Data: Z-ZZZZZZ This data will be what is programmed on the port. A number such as 100 will generally be an analogue station. A number prefixed with an F is a digital station. A number prefixed with a D is a trunk (such as ISDN2 or Analogue Trunk), and a number prefixed with a DD is an IP-TDM conversion channel.