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Extended SMDR and CL Output

Switching between former and extended SMDR formats!

There are two types of SMDR output (the data stream that comes out of your serial or ethernet port on the NEC 2000 IPS that usually goes into a call logging / management system to tell you what calls have been made or recieved and for how long etc. The former is the 'usual' format, but the extended gives some additional information, like inbound call abandonment time.

To switch between the two (and you must have Series 3400 firmware on the CPU to do this), you use command 04, and First Data 07 for SMDR over RS-232 and 08 for over IP. The structure is CM04> 07 (or 08 if you're doing call logging over IP) : then 00 for Extended Format and 15 for Former Format.