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2000 IPS Architecture, LENS and PIM Layout

Each system cabinet with the NEC 2000 IPS is called a "PIM" - Programming Interface Module. You can generally have up to 8 PIMs on the NEC 2000 IPS (depending on the age of the system and how much IP telephony you have). Within a physical PIM, you have slots to mount system cards which are labelled LT/AP00 to LT/AP11. These slots are universal and can house LT (Line / Trunk) or AP (Application Processor) cards.


Slot 12 is used for either the Main Processor (MP) if this is PIM 0, or Firmware Processors (FP) if this is PIM 2, 4 or 6. PIM numbering begins at 0 (zero) for the first PIM and goes up to 63.


<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-428" title="nec_pbx_PIM_layout" src="" alt="nec_pbx_PIM_layout" width="895" height="658" />You'll notice at the bottom of this diagram you can see the LTC 0-2 cables, which carry 3 x 8 pairs of wires attached to each of the card slots between LT0 and LT11. Please note also that LTC3, despite carrying 24 pairs of wires for 3 cards, the backpane of the NEC PIM will only allow 4 port cards within these slots to be wired out to patch panel or wiring frame.


<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-429" title="nec_pbx_PIM_layout_2" src="" alt="nec_pbx_PIM_layout_2" width="817" height="542" />


One Firmware processor is required for every 2 PIMS in your system - with the exception of the first two PIMs. This is because the main processor (MP) for the 2000 IPS has an firmware processor 'built in'.


The maximum number of physical PIMs would have 3 FPs and 1 MP.


A bus cable must be used when connecting more than one PIM - which connects all the PIMs together, but in a very specific nature (covered in another post!).


You must ensure that power control cable D is used on the PIMs 1-7 and that Power Control cable E is used on PIM0. Power control cable E has a single wire cut, to make it different, which you can do manually if you do not have the right cable.