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Adding an External Modem to a 2000 IPS CP31 CPU

The CP31 processor originally did not have a modem built in. Later revisions incorporated a modem, but for those with a CP31A, the lack of modem hampers remote support or emergency access requirements.

It is possible, however, to connect an external modem to the serial port of the CPU and use this to provide remote access into the CPU. Please note that the external modem must be programmable to setup auto answer - most serial modems have this function and can be programmed using a Null modem cable, connected to a computer with hyperterminal. Compatible modems include Mr Modem modems or US Robotics serial modems.

Equipment used:

  • Mr Modem model number: - MRI-1456 EVS –serial external modem
  • CP-31 Main processor wit 6.2 ver. 3.00 software load RS NORM- 4S CA-A NR-553924-107
  • Programming requirements:

  • 1) On the Modem you need to put the following Modem string ATS0=2 this is an auto answer string. This is a Auto Answer string that answer after 2 Rings
  • 2) On the NEAX CP-31 main processor the comm. Port needs to be set to 9600 bps .This is achieved by the following command CMD 40 Y=08 FD= 0 SD = CCC OR 4 (By setting CCC this sets the default setting which is 9600 bps)