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Number Temporarily Out Of Order Message


When calling the main number I receive a message saying “This number is temporarily out of order”.



This is normally a problem with the network provider, make sure they provide an ETSI standard circuit. There are however a few things to check to be sure.

Have a look at the PRT card (Primary Rate card) and see whether the D-channel light is on, this is the top most green light below the dip switches. If this is off then it’s definitely a network problem.

You can also put a loop back cable on the switch to prove that the PRT card is working ok. This can be done by taking a normal CAT5 patch lead and plugging one end into where the white lead of the PRI connector is plugged in and the other end into where the grey lead is connected, you should now see the D-channel on the PRT card lit up. This proves the PRT card is functioning correctly.